Ingenious Media Inc.

We are digital transformation architects.

Whether you are a corporate innovator needing help with your in-house team,
or simply looking for opportunities and ways to disrupt digital experiences,
we are innovative experts who thrive in unique transformative solutions.

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Who we are

We create innovative experiences, through simplifying and disrupting complex processes, using the full capabilities of the digital ecosystem.

Innovative Digital Architects

Map out current processes and realise efficiencies using a gamut of digital technologies.

Software Developers

From progressive web apps to custom web solutions, our in-house and off-shore teams work seamlessly under the guidance of technical project managers.

Proximity Technologies Experts

From Near Field Communication (NFC) to QR Codes, we combine technologies to get to meaningful content, fast.


In an industry often described as arrogant, rigid and controllling, impersonal and not often trustworthy, we are an exhilarating change being as caring as we are capable.

Through our unwavering client support and dedication, we attract more by taking a friendly and warm approach that's never outspoken or blunt. Think of us as a trusted friend who you go to for unbiased opinions.

Our work

To cut throught the clutter, we emphasize what matters most, simply stripping away the noise as we prefer to be judged on our work not rhetoric as technical jargon only serves to intimidate and alienate people.

Our tone is as fresh as our innovative solutions so that our clients feel we know the way forward and trust we are on their side. When our clients feel smart, they become empowered to act.

Our clients

Key services

See what we can do for you

We ambitiously sit at the edge of the horizon where the new and the next intersect. As a pioneer in our field, we signal what's to come and shepherd in a new era as the catalyst for change.

Ideation & Architecture

Involve us at napkin or process flow stage, we'll seamlessly integrate within your team.

Progressive Web App

Mobile Web Apps that look and feel like a native app, without the friction of store download.

Advanced Web Development

From eCommerce, dashboards, to web platform, machine learning systems, we do web.

Proximity Technologies

Near Field Communication (NFC) and Quick Response (QR) Code.

by Ingenious Media

Executing on brands' vision

From chicken scratches on a napkin to Adobe Suite design files, we ensure to drop each object in its pixel perfect place.

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